How to manage Organisational Stress

Published: 20 Jan 2015

Recognise any of these in your Healthcare Service?

• Recurrent grievances, bullying and complaints
• High levels of sickness and absenteeism
• Team conflict, increased errors, low morale


The current climate in the NHS is demanding more for less, alongside huge organisational change.  So it's understandable that many clinical services are struggling to deliver care because of low staffing and stress across the team.

Sometimes it’s helpful – and essential – for people suffering from stress to be offered individual support.  But often, solutions such as focusing on one person at a time, spending a sizeable chunk of the HR budget on individual interventions, managing sickness and recruiting new staff when individuals leave or are replaced, can only solve the problem in the short term…until the next crisis.

For 20 years Tavistock Consulting (a not-for-profit business unit of the Tavistock and Portman NHSFT) has been using a systems psychodynamic approach to help clients reach solutions that benefit the individual and organisation as a whole.

‘Tavistock Talks@breakfast’: Scarcity and Discontent – tackling stress at a time of change and challenge within healthcare services.  Join us in our free workshop - we’ll explore the issues around stress and help you to take action at work.

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