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NHSE appoints four new directors

Published on: 4 Apr 2024

NHS England has confirmed four new national clinical director appointments, including its first for women’s health.

Sue Mann, a consultant and lead for women’s health in north east London, will become the first NCD for women’s health and will lead the implementation of the new women’s health strategy for England, and the rollout of women’s health hubs.

She led the development of the hubs in City and Hackney and the implementation of virtual group consultations for common health problems experienced by women, both of which feature in the new strategy.

Dr Mann said: “Having spent my career researching, treating, and developing policy and initiatives focused on women’s health, I have seen firsthand the challenges many women face, as well as progress that has been made through better understanding and awareness of conditions affecting women.”

Meanwhile, NHSE has confirmed seven more of its total 27 NCD posts.

Four are new recruits, including Dr Mann, and three are re-appointments (see full details in table below).

NHSE previously confirmed 19 NCD appointments, including eight newcomers, in January.

NCDs for innovation and mental health are still being appointed, as is a new “medical director for mental health” role.