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Operations Director - Covid NPFS

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
£78,192 to £90,387 pa
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19 Oct 2021

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Ambulance Trust
Operations & Performance, Director, Manager of Operations
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**Main base will be one of our office locations but this role will be mostly working from home.

The post is to develop, stand up and manage the National Pandemic Health Emergency services SCAS is commissioned to deliver by NHSE and DHSC.

For Covid 19 Pandemic these include Covid Response Services supporting NHS111, Vaccination Helpline in support of NHSE Pandemic Vaccination Programme, Covid Pass and Medical Exemption Services to Support the DHSC and NHS Digital. These services operate in live state and will also need to be put into dormancy or closed down when no longer required. The post holder will manage the ramp down, dormancy and closure of services as required and directed by the SRO in live state and the Exec Director in dormancy.

For Flu Pandemic. the National Pandemic Flu Service is designed to supplement the response provided by primary care if the pressures during an influenza pandemic mean that it is no longer practical for those with symptoms to be individually assessed by a doctor or other prescribers in order to access antiviral medicine.

The National Risk Register at Cabinet Office Level identifies pandemic flu as being the highest priority risk of emergency taking both likelihood and impact into account.

The pandemic flu service will be operating in a highly complex, sensitive and contentious area of health, when over 50% of the population could be affected and require access to antiviral medication. Whether the service is active or dormant there will be significant demands on the post holder to ensure that the Command & Control can respond appropriately to the requirements set out within the national risk register to ensure availability of the service at all times.

As the operations director for the National Pandemic Covid/ Flu Service and as a senior manager within the NPFS the post holder is accountable for all aspects of operational delivery of the NPFS Command & Control Service. This will include the development of people, processes and technology, to ensure delivery of exceptional standards of service to the public, maintaining clinical safety whilst ensuring commercial goals are met.

The post holder will have responsibility for meeting Commissioner expectations working with Public Health England, Call Centre Providers, NHS England, the Department of Health (DH) and the 4 UKC’s (Ireland / Wales / England and Scotland) - both live service and dormancy.

The post holder will ensure that all phases of the Covid/NPFS service delivery are managed effectively and efficiently. These phases include:

  • Dormancy
  • Service Readiness
  • Mobilisation
  • Live Service Running

The post holder will provide strong leadership and strategic direction for the ongoing development and delivery of the NPFS Command &Control Service on behalf of Public Health England.

The post holder will ensure resources are used efficiently in partnership with Public Health England to deliver the Live Service Capability of a Covid / NPFS Command & Control ensuring coordination of a UKC response to a pandemic emergency which includes working with the devolved administrations (England / Ireland / Scotland / Wales). When live service is not required the post holder will maintain a Dormant Service with a capability to deliver within a 21 day period a live service operation.

The post holder will be accountable for the development of operations for the Covid/NPFS to ensure the service provides a patient focused care delivery model, by focusing on clinical, technical and operational aspects of the care process and ensure full and innovative use of ICT provision for the future services delivered.

The post holder will be accountable for achieving the Covid/NPFS budget from development to sign off and management of the budget, ensuring that the business case to support the budget is submitted to PHE on an annual basis.

To post holder is accountable for interpretation of overall health policy to enable delivery of health service policy and strategy from Public Heath England and to ensure that the development and delivery of the Covid/NPFS Service meets all policy requirements at that time, in live service policy decisions will be made across public health based on the changing nature of a pandemic and the operational director will be expected to make Page 4 of 11 changes within the Covid/NPFS command and control on a frequent basis to respond to the changes made.

The post holder will be responsible for the delivery of clinical staff into the contact centres or home based to ensure the call centre staff are delivering the service as expected when using the NPFS applications. The post holder will represent the Trust at national forums to ensure that the Covid/NPFS service develops in line with national policy and to ensure that the service is able to respond to the national risk for the nation’s health – this is the risk of a pandemic taking place. This is a national role and there will be an expectation that the post holder will have significant travel demands in both live service operation and dormancy with frequent travel to various UK locations.

As a senior manager within South Central Ambulance Service you will be required to provide leadership to your team to ensure the effective provision of the service they provide and to champion change in the organisation. You will ensure that your staff are motivated and express a positive attitude towards the organisation. You will address any issues and concerns that may inhibit your staff from achieving both their personal and organisational goals.

Performance Management & Reporting
1 Accountable for the readiness and delivery of an operationally and clinically effective service, throughout the hours of Covid/NPFS operation.
2 Accountable for the development and implementation of a comprehensive on call rota and plan, ensuring all staff are competent to deliver on call duties to underpin the effective service delivery.
3 Responsible for effective communication and proactive monitoring of all performance targets and contract service level agreements across all suppliers of pandemic covid/flu services.
4 Accountable for the delivery of financial / budgetary control within the service.
5 In partnership with Public Health England and the Contact Centre providers accountable for the appropriate deployment of staff to meet service demand ensuring risks to performance are proactively identified and managed.
6 Ensure contact centres/home based staff can respond effectively to sudden changes in call volumes and to manage emergencies that demand national resilience by providing them with accurate forecasting and planning support mechanisms.
7 Work closely with the Clinical Assurance Director to ensure all aspects of the service have clinical oversight and appropriate management and governance support.
8 In partnership with Public Health England, accountable for the NPFS state of readiness in dormancy and live service.
9 Ensure that high quality performance management information is communicated to all stakeholders within agreed Service Levels.
10 Manage the complaints process and serious adverse incidents, including complaint resolution in partnership with appropriate stakeholders within agreed Service Levels.
11 Take responsibility for the implementation of Covid/NPFS organisational risk management processes including the management and accurate reporting of incidents and complaints and performance measures to meet the requirements of NPFS organisational strategies.

12 To review data available from a range of sources for example contact centres, telephony service providers, technical supplier, third party suppliers, clinical commissioning groups and health boards.
13 To take data sources that may contain conflicting information, investigate outputs from reports and to analyse and report outputs to commissioning bodies.
14 To review appropriate patient data and other appropriate data sources for the management of patient complaints. 15 To sign off the call demand profiles for the contact centres and to be accountable for the spend associated to the numbers of staff called off each week to deliver the service within the contact centres.
16 To work with the forecasting and capacity expert in planning for a future pandemic and utilising tools available for forecasting and demand management.
17 To challenge outputs from the forecasting team to ensure the right level of resources and costs associated are spent appropriately within Command & Control and also with the contact centre.

Contract Management
18 Accountable for the contract management of suppliers delivering front end systems to the Covid/NPFS, including telephony and applications for end to end delivery of the service, where appropriate work in partnership with Public Health England to support back end systems delivery. Activities will include:
a. Change Request Management
b. End to end Programme Management
c. Spring Platform Test Coordination to ensure they meet agreed systems specifications
d. Annual Test Coordination to ensure they meet agreed systems specifications
e. Review of all operational procedures and processes & complete updates following any of the testing phases
f. Active member on the Technology Board
g. Business assurance preparation and testing
h. Management of the Technical Provider Contract –
i. Budget Management
j. Software licence renewal and coordination
k. Mobilisation planning / updating
l. Retain and maintain liaison with the DH and MCCS supplier (TelePerformance)
m. Ensure agency / staffing resources in place for any mobilisation when required
n. Liaise with stock management and logistics teams to ensure appropriate levels of stock available

19 Manage the Service Level Agreement on behalf of SCAS and with the DH until such a time that the full procurement is completed and a new end to end service provision for any major pandemic is delivered.
20 Support the Department of Health / Public Health England as a subject matter expert in the strategic planning and delivery of a re-procurement process to ensure the future service provision is successful and is based on lessons learnt from our previous pandemic experience
21 Ensure there is provision of and management of an estate of sufficient size to hold a central coordination and control centre.

Strategy, Policy and Service Development
22 Using agile delivery methodology to act as the product owner / service manager in the development of the /NPFS next generation planning, to plan a service for the next 5 years to ensure a new solution is in place to replace the existing NPFS service and applications.
23 To formulate long term strategic plans to ensure the NPFS Command & Control can mobile at any point in time. 24 As product owner to be accountable for the sign off on the design and development of the new NPFS applications to meet the NPFS future requirements
25 To take into account the overall aims of the NPFS Service and relate these to policy requirements set out by Public Health England and create an operational framework for the NPFS command and control to meet these requirements.
26 To ensure that any government level changes in policy for pandemic flu planning are reflected in any NPFS planning for the new application.

27 To ensure that Trust Board members and senior managers are kept fully informed of any issues within Covid/ NPFS Command and Control
28 To report on service development and performance related issues, which will involve presentations to the board on a regular basis
29 To respond to complaints received from the public about the whole service from application of an antiviral through to the distribution of the appropriate stock nationwide.
30 To ensure that the service maintains an up to date collection point system to ensure the public have access to antivirals at the time of a pandemic to ensure there is no impact on the delivery of the service.
31 To ensure that where a collection point communicates to the command and control of being at threat from the public e.g. Theft and other attacks that the appropriate coordination and communications take place to ensure protection is provided to that collection point service (e.g. police or armed services).
32 To work with Public Health England on mobilisation and to ensure communications are released when the service is ready to be launched.

Clinical Management
33 To be accountable for the delivery of the Covid/NPFS command and control clinical and technical service, to meet the demands for public use, across England and the devolved administrations.
34 The Operations Director ensures that the command and control service manage all clinical complaints in line with national NHS Guidance and local policies.
35 The clinical complaints will be analysed within the command and control service and the operations director will work with the clinical lead to ensure any complaints where a change in clinical algorithm is required are highlighted and expedited through a change process to ensure public use of the service is safe and clinically appropriate
36 The complaints management team will ensure that a clinical complaint is managed through to completion and the Executive SRO or delegated rep will sign off all complaints letters when a case has been resolved.
37 The reporting of all complaints will be aligned to the trust local policies and procedures
38 To agree with NHS England and keep up to date the clinical requirements and sign off processes required to ensure the clinical algorithm is signed off across health and across the devolved administrations to ensure that processes are followed to meet demands of the different countries.
39 To work with appropriate research teams to help to inform the nature of a pandemic covid / flu providing operational expertise to any signed off research programme related to a pandemic flu and associated services provided.

Training Management
40 To ensure all appropriate training materials are in place for the released versions of the application.
41 To ensure any new training products are released in line with the new application, tested and signed off for future use
42 To ensure materials are updated in line with any changes made to the application In live service and supported by a training team to be accountable for the smooth roll out of training to contact centres/home based agents in the preparation for launching a pandemic service
43 To review call audit reporting and use this information to support the physical training for staff in contact centres. 
44 To use the call audit information to improve training materials and support for contact centre staff.

People Management
45 The team size will be dependent on the Life Cycle of Covid/NPFS. The number of staff will depend on the phase the Covid/NPFS service is in these are:
i. Dormancy
ii. Service Readiness
iii. Mobilisation
iv. Live Service Running

The readiness preparations must ensure the Covid/NPFS Director can manage a command and control of anything from as few as 1 staff member up to 45-50 (FTE) which can be as many as 90 – 200 staff members of clinical and non-clinical staff for a Service Centre function. NB: These staff will come from external / internal providers and will be managed by all people management processes of the host organisation for the duration of the live service requirements.

46 Lead and encourage innovation in line with the development of the service.
47 Work closely with the HR team to implement, support, develop and monitor the strategy for the development of staff while employed by the NPFS service within command and control, the level of activity will depend on the number of permanent employees working on the Command and Control in a live service
48 Assume direct line management for the core Covid/NPFS Service teams.
49 Ensure all team members attain and maintain required competency’s levels to perform their appropriate roles and where required ensure contact centres have competent staff signed off to deliver the function required within the Covid/NPFS.
50 Ensure any staff with issues and concerns are managed effectively and in line with policies and procedures to ensure appropriate resolution and manage any conflict effectively.

General Management required during live service and dormancy
51 To play a key role in partnership working across all parties promoting a culture of collaboration internally / externally with stakeholders to enhance service delivery and ensure robust multi-disciplinary, multi-professional and multiagency working.
52 To contribute to the formation and updating of all policies and procedures within the service.
53 To provide, as an influential lead, specialist knowledge and skills combining clinical and contact centre expertise to Public Health England, NHSE and DHSC and devolved administrations. Also to provide this expertise to the technical service provider in the development of a new Covid/NPFS application.
54 To project a strong and positive corporate image, demonstrating integrity and strong commitment to service provision, both within the service and externally.
55 To play a significant senior leadership role in the contribution to the development and formulation of future strategy, policy and future business plans to Public Health in relation to NPFS, against a backdrop of uncertainty where the future health of the public and the nature of a pandemic is not clear.
56 To build effective working relationships across all relevant leaders internally and external to the organisation to ensure continuous improvements can be delivered.
57 To provide Business and Operational assurance for the current and future operation of the Covid / NPFS to Public Health England.

58 To be responsible for budget planning for each year of the contract managed by a host organisation this will include budget planning for each phase of the service v. Dormancy vi. Service Readiness vii. Mobilisation viii. Live Service Running
59 To ensure that that the budget is planned to ensure resources and expenditure are managed efficiently and exercise financial control in compliance with Standing Financial Instructions .
60 To work closely with the allocated financial officers to ensure all principles of ‘best value’ are adhered to at all times, when planning the budget and using the budget to support the requirements of the NPFS service life cycle.
61 To work with Public Health England on the spend control during dormancy and live service.
62 To be responsible for the physical assets of the command and control to ensure they are available for rapid deployment to a central location for live service operations, which includes an appropriate and available estate.
63 To ensure all selected suppliers for a future Covid/NPFS service are operationally appropriate to the service and the operational contract.

64 To ensure that the data held from the NPFS of 2009 and Covid Pandemic of 20/21 is maintained in a secure location with appropriate restricted access to the data. To ensure that good practice in relation to the data protection and confidentiality is embedded within Covid/NPFS, liaising closely with the information Governance Manager and assigned ‘Caldecott Guardian’ as and when required in relation to current data held and any future data collection and storage required.
65 To act as the data processor and on behalf of the data controller for pandemic covid / flu data in line with the agreements across SCAS, NHS England, Public Health England and the devolved administrations.

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